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   1. Sign up and you'll land on the Event List page, where you can create a sample event to play around with.
   2. Enter your event details. The organization and venue information will be saved for use with future events.
   3. Preview how your event will be sent before approving it.
   4. You can provide special instructions: any places where you have a pre-existing arrangement for posting events, website logins, etc.
   5. Pay online through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to use a credit card.
   6. FullCalendar will finalize the list of places where your event will be sent usually within two business days, and you can see when and where the event was or will be sent.
   7. Your event will be sent out in the time frame optimal for each place. Some will be sent as soon as the list is finalized; others will be sent about 7-8 days before the event occurs.
   8. That's it! Your event listing tasks are done.
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