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   Churchill Club

Churchill Club is Silicon Valley's leading technology-related business forum. The 7,000-member, 26-year-old non-profit organization has earned its reputation for dynamic, in-the-news programs where CEOs, up-and-coming executives and national business and thought leaders meet to discuss and debate, inform and educate, forecast and evaluate the most important business and technology topics of the day.

Churchill Club's mission is to encourage innovation and economic growth. The organization presents between 35-40 programs annually.

Churchill Club speakers have included CEOs of major technology companies such as Cisco Systems (John Chambers); Intel (Bob Noyce, Gordon Moore, Andy Grove, Craig Barrett, Paul Otellini); HP (William Hewlett, Lew Platt, John Young, Carleton Fiorina); Microsoft (Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer); Oracle (Larry Ellison); AT&T (Randall Stephenson), as well as prominent venture capitalists such as John Doerr, Vinod Khosla, Reid Hoffman, Roger McNamee, Michael Moritz, and many more.
  San Jose CA
Churchill Club website:

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