Big changes to FullCalendar website! What’s new?

You can see the FullCalendar home page looks quite different. Rest assured the service itself hasn’t changed, and the pages for entering and managing your events have only changed color.

Overview of changes:

  • Home page: abbreviated event list for quicker access
  • FullCalendar news: you’re currently signed up for monthly or less frequent updates
  • New colors everywhere, tighter organization design
  • Your metro is saved, with photos!

Home page:
The main change is in the home page. Now, if you’re signed in, you can see the next few events you’ve entered, and jump right to an individual event.

FullCalendar news:
This provides an easy way to keep up with new features and geographies on FullCalendar, along with tips for making the most of the service. You can subscribe by email to a monthly digest or to each post, or use the RSS feed.

You’re currently subscribed to the monthly email digest; you can change this or unsubscribe by signing in, going to the “Your Account” section, and clicking “Change your user information”.

New colors and tighter directory design:
We hope you enjoy our brighter colors.  And you’ll notice it’s easier to check out various organizations, both from the home page and once you are into the organization directory.

Your metro is saved, with photos!
You’ll now always be in one metro or another; San Francisco if you haven’t signed in and haven’t selected somewhere else. And we’re showing photos of each metro in the upper right-hand corner, thanks to folks who have added them to Flickr with appropriate Creative Commons licenses.

That’s it for now – let us know what you think!

Welcome to FullCalendar News!

Welcome to FullCalendar News!

Here you can read about new features, enhancements and changes to the FullCalendar Event Promotion Service and Organization Directory.  We’ll also have tips on making the most of the FullCalendar service, and publicizing events in general. 

We’re using WordPress software for this section of the website, so it looks and acts like a blog. You can publicly comment on blog posts, asking questions and providing your feedback on the specific posts or the service in general.

We’d love to hear what you’d like us to cover here – don’t be a stranger!