5/9/20: Yes! We publicize online events!

We are publicizing online/virtual events – live and/or recorded. We are adding listing places where we couldn’t post before, and have cut some places that have not moved to online events. Enter your event as normal and for the venue, enter what you’d like the listing to say, eg, Livestream, Virtual, On demand, etc. Please enter the event’s city to indicate its time zone. Note: many listing places are focusing on local organizations’ online offerings, even though events could be viewed anywhere. Any questions, contact us.

11/11/16: Resource: VenueBook

VenueBook is a venue directory that allows event organizers to get online quotes, book a venue and pay online. Venues include bars and restaurants, galleries, theaters, lofts and private event venues. Currently it has 429 venues in the NYC metro, 118 in the SF bay area, 109 in the DC area, and 88 in Chicagoland. There is also an option for venues to offer complete packages, usually meals, but also art or culinary activities. We don’t know more about it, just mentioning it in case it’s of interest to you, either as an organizer or a venue.

3/29/16: Additional ways to promote your event

We’ve just added a way for event organizers to learn about additional free and paid ways to publicize their event. FullCalendar sends listings, but many places where we send your listing will also hold ticket giveaways and other free options, and offer a wide range of paid options such as featuring your event more prominently on their site or emails, and/or their social media accounts.

When you enter an event, on page 3 (now called Enter posting instructions), you’ll be able to choose whether to receive this information, and how you’d like to receive it. There is an option to hide your email address, using a unique FullCalendar email that forwards to your own.

The rest of that page has been re-ordered so that the most commonly used sections come before sections less commonly used.

Please let us know any questions about this new feature at support@fullcalendar.com and we hope you find it useful.

8/21/12: Review of ticketing and registration systems

Here are a couple roundups of services used by event organizers, from Idealware, a company that helps nonprofits learn about various software options (not just event-related). They include thoughts on how to choose a service as well as a summary of some popular choices. While aimed at nonprofits, most of the information would be useful to for-profits as well.

Ticketing systems:

Registration systems (general admission):

Be sure to check the comments of the registration post – more services are mentioned.

Hope this is helpful.

9/25: Expo for Independent Arts

Come check out the 11th Annual Expo for Independent Arts, Saturday, Sept 25th, at CELLspace in SF!

11th Annual Expo for Independent Arts

Exhibitors are looking for all types of artists:

  • magazines and journals looking for contributors
  • literature/visual arts publishers looking for authors
  • film and music festivals looking for submissions
  • dance and performance venues looking for acts and companies
  • arts services designed to help independent artists succeed
  • Also, lots of related workshops this week: Independent Publishing, Promoting Underground Art, Social Networking, Fundraising, and Face Time with the SF Arts Commission.

    This is a unique annual event that just keeps getting better and better. Don’t miss it!

    8/3/10, Theatre Bay Area

    Theatre Bay Area provides many services to the dance and comedy community, as well as theatre companies. Besides running event listings for free for their members, they offer ticket discounts, ticketing services (including selling half-price tickets day of the show), access to insurance and other business services, discounts for advertising, and act as a clearinghouse for theatre jobs and auditions. There are memberships for individuals and organizations. If you’re interested in the performing arts or working in these fields, check out Theatre Bay Area.

    4/15/10: For galleries: new ad opportunities on ArtSlant

    ArtSlant, a website featuring visual art, artists, galleries, shows, and related events, has created a new advertising opportunity for galleries, next to their Arts Calendar. Artslant covers art in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, and overseas.

    For more information:

    On the latest offering

    General info on advertising on ArtSlant

    SF: FullCalendar at BiztechDay Sat, 10/25/08

    BiztechDay is a full day of tips and advice for using social media and the web to market yourself and your business. It kicks off with Tim Ferriss, the 4-hour Work Week author, and ends with Scott Heiferman, the founder of Meetup. Just after lunch, George Wright, the VP Marketing of Blendtec, is speaking – the company that did the viral Will it Blend? videos. Lots of interesting and practical panels inbetween.

    If you go, come say hi – I’ll be on the Event Marketing Panel at 3pm.