2/2/21: Send us your images!

We are using an image for every event now. Email one per event to support@fullcalendar.com while we work on enabling you to upload them directly to the website.

For now, you can:
-Email it to support@fullcalendar.com or
-Email a link to an image, or
-Tell us we can use the image on the event page (if we can’t download it, we’ll let you know)

We need a credit for each image (it can be the organization name if they own the rights).

We can use a caption (optional) for each image (can be the event name, people in the photo, etc).

And by sending an image, you are confirming you have the authority to use it and are giving us permission to distribute it for your event publicity.

First preference: horizontal photo, no promotional text.
Second preference: whatever you have.

Format: JPG (most common format), maximum size: 5,000KB or 5M.

We’ll change the size as needed. The various websites are pretty good about dealing with various shapes.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, no problem, LET US KNOW with the event submission or at support@fullcalendar.com and we’ll pick a stock image that works with your type of event (technology, business, nature, performing arts, etc). You can also send us a stock image (we use and recommend Unsplash.com and Pexels.com), for which we still need a credit, that you get from that site.

As always, let us know any questions here or at support@fullcalendar.com

9/18/20: Publicize your online events!

We are publicizing virtual events: comedy, theater, business, film, and more. We stopped posting to a few places that aren’t maintaining their listings, and added or expanded a few where we could now post online events, including a few that will accept them outside their normal coverage area.

For venue, you can enter what you want, eg, Virtual event, Online, Zoom, etc. What others have done:
– Virtual/Online Event
– Online
– Online Event – Webinar
– Zoom Online Meeting
– Zoom
– Client X’s ZOOM Theater
– Client X’s Virtual Meeting Room
– Client X Online
– Livestreamed on YouTube
– Livestreamed on Zoom
– Virtual Gathering using Zoom
– Web-hosted event
– Online from XYZ Bookstore (or XYZ Winery, etc)

IMPORTANT: we do need a CITY, we’ll send the listings to that geography, and that’s how we’ll figure out the time zone. For street address, enter whatever you’d like (same as above or similar); we’ll need to post that in some places but it will still be clear it’s an online event.

For emails, we’ll send out what you enter (without a physical address, but with a phone or url if you include them).

For websites, many of them ask you to use their existing venue entry for online events, so we use that for all online events. Some have a checkbox for online events, and don’t accept an address at all.

The media seems to be a mix- some are on hiatus, some are really looking for online events to post, some seem to be ignoring their calendar section so there are now-cancelled events among the online events.

But overall, the media is very happy to see your online (and now, occasionally in-person) events!

5/9/20: Yes! We publicize online events!

We are publicizing online/virtual events – live and/or recorded. We are adding listing places where we couldn’t post before, and have cut some places that have not moved to online events. Enter your event as normal and for the venue, enter what you’d like the listing to say, eg, Livestream, Virtual, On demand, etc. Please enter the event’s city to indicate its time zone. Note: many listing places are focusing on local organizations’ online offerings, even though events could be viewed anywhere. Any questions, contact us.

3/29/16: Additional ways to promote your event

We’ve just added a way for event organizers to learn about additional free and paid ways to publicize their event. FullCalendar sends listings, but many places where we send your listing will also hold ticket giveaways and other free options, and offer a wide range of paid options such as featuring your event more prominently on their site or emails, and/or their social media accounts.

When you enter an event, on page 3 (now called Enter posting instructions), you’ll be able to choose whether to receive this information, and how you’d like to receive it. There is an option to hide your email address, using a unique FullCalendar email that forwards to your own.

The rest of that page has been re-ordered so that the most commonly used sections come before sections less commonly used.

Please let us know any questions about this new feature at support@fullcalendar.com and we hope you find it useful.

10/23/15: Website tweaks

We’re currently updating some ‘cosmetic’ aspects of the FullCalendar website, but nothing major. Updating some button graphics, some words here and there. Also, we’ve created a separate page for your organizations and venues – click “My organizations and venues” on the top purple navigation bar, and you’ll be able to update them there, or hide the ones you don’t normally use (or show them again).
If you have any questions or suggestions, let us know! Email support@fullcalendar.com or use the feedback page:

4/28/13: FullCalendar technology upgraded

Tonight FullCalendar is on new versions of everything – website software, database and blog software. We’ve done a lot of testing and as far as we can tell, the important things work perfectly. Event listings are entered and sent out. Please let us know at support@fullcalendar.com if you have any problems.

You may see smaller errors in places – images, etc. Please feel free to let us know about them but we are also checking things thoroughly to make sure absolutely everything came over correctly.

If you tried us earlier tonight and got a “work in progress” message, thanks very much for your patience. And to everyone, thanks for using FullCalendar and our best wishes for success with your events.

1/1/11: Moving to online payment

Happy New Year!

We look forward to providing more features, cities, and places to post events in 2011, and hope all your events turn out great!

In 2011 we are moving to accepting online payment only, through PayPal. Until now, we have been accepting paper checks from almost anyone who requests an invoice, and sending event listings before we receive their checks. The whole process of paper checks is very time-consuming, and there is a greater chance of human error on everyone’s part. When everything goes right, we pick up checks, manually match and post payments, and deposit checks. But we often have to figure out how to apply checks without enough identification, deal with duplicate payments, track down non-responsive customers and write off losses, figure out discrepancies, and communicate with customers who have forgotten they requested an invoice or requested one inadvertently. Since online payment applies the payment to the right event instantly, we can use the time this frees up to publicize events, not on paperwork.

We use PayPal to process payments. You do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card. By using PayPal, we don’t ever see your credit card information; you pay on the PayPal site, not the FullCalendar site.

If you want to pay using your bank account or cash, you’ll need a PayPal account. There is a relatively new way to add funds to your PayPal account using cash: MoneyPak ®, which you buy in person at a retailer, then log into your PayPal account to access it. More info: https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=xpt/Marketing/demo/additionalpayment/GreenDot-outside

We only accept payments online, not by phone, sorry.

You will receive a receipt from both PayPal and FullCalendar, each identifying the event (by ID and/or title), to make any reconciliation easy.

We will be looking at alternate online payment methods for extra choices, such as Checkout by Amazon and Google Checkout. If you have suggestions or requests, please let us know at support@fullcalendar.com .

Exception: Any new customers who plan to submit 5 or more events each month and would like to request credit so they can pay by check can email us at support@fullcalendar.com . We still prefer online payment but will try to be flexible for more frequent customers whom we can easily contact and who remit payment consistently on time.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to providing better service more efficiently with this change.

And again, Happy New Year and best wishes for a terrific 2011!

PayPal has a new logo

PayPal has a new look today, and the PayPal button on the FullCalendar website looks a little different. It still works the same way.

As always, you do not need a PayPal account to use a credit card on FullCalendar. You’ll be taken to the PayPal site where you can enter your credit card number without creating a PayPal account.

Happy Labor Day to those in the US, and have a good weekend everyone!

Big changes to FullCalendar website! What’s new?

You can see the FullCalendar home page looks quite different. Rest assured the service itself hasn’t changed, and the pages for entering and managing your events have only changed color.

Overview of changes:

  • Home page: abbreviated event list for quicker access
  • FullCalendar news: you’re currently signed up for monthly or less frequent updates
  • New colors everywhere, tighter organization design
  • Your metro is saved, with photos!

Home page:
The main change is in the home page. Now, if you’re signed in, you can see the next few events you’ve entered, and jump right to an individual event.

FullCalendar news:
This provides an easy way to keep up with new features and geographies on FullCalendar, along with tips for making the most of the service. You can subscribe by email to a monthly digest or to each post, or use the RSS feed.

You’re currently subscribed to the monthly email digest; you can change this or unsubscribe by signing in, going to the “Your Account” section, and clicking “Change your user information”.

New colors and tighter directory design:
We hope you enjoy our brighter colors.  And you’ll notice it’s easier to check out various organizations, both from the home page and once you are into the organization directory.

Your metro is saved, with photos!
You’ll now always be in one metro or another; San Francisco if you haven’t signed in and haven’t selected somewhere else. And we’re showing photos of each metro in the upper right-hand corner, thanks to folks who have added them to Flickr with appropriate Creative Commons licenses.

That’s it for now – let us know what you think!