2/2/21: Send us your images!

We are using an image for every event now. Email one per event to support@fullcalendar.com while we work on enabling you to upload them directly to the website.

For now, you can:
-Email it to support@fullcalendar.com or
-Email a link to an image, or
-Tell us we can use the image on the event page (if we can’t download it, we’ll let you know)

We need a credit for each image (it can be the organization name if they own the rights).

We can use a caption (optional) for each image (can be the event name, people in the photo, etc).

And by sending an image, you are confirming you have the authority to use it and are giving us permission to distribute it for your event publicity.

First preference: horizontal photo, no promotional text.
Second preference: whatever you have.

Format: JPG (most common format), maximum size: 5,000KB or 5M.

We’ll change the size as needed. The various websites are pretty good about dealing with various shapes.

IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, no problem, LET US KNOW with the event submission or at support@fullcalendar.com and we’ll pick a stock image that works with your type of event (technology, business, nature, performing arts, etc). You can also send us a stock image (we use and recommend Unsplash.com and Pexels.com), for which we still need a credit, that you get from that site.

As always, let us know any questions here or at support@fullcalendar.com