Aarrr!! Another outage, 8/19/09

Unfortunately, it’s not yet Talk Like a Pirate Day, we just had another major outage. Our servers at our hosting company were hit by a power outage, and were down today for about 6 hours; also for a couple hours late last night. Our database was partially lost and could not be repaired (believe me, I insisted on talking to anyone who might possibly have a way to do this).

We are now using a copy of the database made last night at 7pm, so any information that you entered between now and then is not available. We do have all emails we’ve received and copies of what was sent, and can reconstruct the basics: payments made and events committed. We will contact personally anyone we know whose paid event is no longer there (fortunately, a small number).

If you entered draft events, or made changes to your organization or venue entries, after 7pm last night, our apologies – that information will need to be re-entered.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@fullcalendar.com .