7/2/14: Changes afoot at national event calendar websites

Here’s an update on the comings and goings of some national event calendar websites.

Zvents, owned by eBay’s Stubhub, is now transitioning from a general event site to focus on arts and entertainment, more in line with Stubhub’s ticketing business. The Zvents site itself will be shutting down this fall. We’re told Stubhub will have an event calendar but we don’t know details. In the meantime, Zvents is only approving new venue submissions manually and individually, and due to their change in focus, we’re only submitting new arts & entertainment venues.

Eventful, SpinGo and others
Zvents has been providing the calendars for quite a few newspapers, and those have been transitioning to other providers, including Eventful and SpinGo. We have been posting to these already, and will continue to post to new service providers as we find them.


In a twist, the discontinued event site Upcoming, purchased by Yahoo in 2005 and discontinued in 2013, is being resurrected by its original founder, Andy Baio. Andy created a Kickstarter campaign to gauge interest and easily blew past his fundraising goals. FullCalendar contributed and will hear updates as it progresses. Its current plan is to launch mid-2015.


2 thoughts on “7/2/14: Changes afoot at national event calendar websites”

  1. I noticed this. I have event that is listed on zvents which powers the sfgate events page. I’m concerned about the effect this will have on my ticket sales. Not really sure what I should do about it. Any ideas?

    1. SFGate stayed with Zvents a long time, right up until the end of October. SFGate is now powered by the Spingo platform, and my understanding is they transferred over the current events from Zvents. So my guess is your event listing has been available continually. Best wishes for a successful event!

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